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From traditional to contemporary and modern geometric, explore our extensive collection of area rugs that will tie any room together.

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Add flair to your floor space with an area rug from – Canada's source for premium area rugs online. From traditional designs to contemporary geometric styles, our area rugs are woven from sumptuous fibres using hand-carved techniques.

Our online store makes it easy for you to browse area rugs by shape, size and colour. Explore our extensive collection of rugs with options to satisfy various sensibilities. With a little imagination and style, an area rug can even be made the focal point of a room.

Area Rug Colours

Shop area rugs by colour to find one that suits the aesthetic of your space, from the floor to the wall. In general, rich-toned rugs help to make spaces more intimate and cozy, while lighter coloured rugs can help smaller spaces appear larger. If your furniture is a solid colour, opt for a patterned rug, or vice versa if your furniture boasts intricate patterns or designs.

Standard Rug Sizes & Types

Size is another key consideration when choosing an area rug for a room. We make it easy for you to find the rug size you're looking for, by organizing our collection by shape and size. Whether you're looking for kids room rugs, rug pads, outdoor rugs, or anything in between, they will likely adhere to the following size guides:

  • Small rug sizes: 4’ x 6’, 5’ x 8’, 6’ x 9’

  • Medium rug sizes: 7’ x 10’, 8’ x 11’

  • Large rug sizes: 9’ x 12, 10’ x 14’, 12’ x 15’

  • Round Rugs Diameter: 6’, 8’, 10’

  • Square Rugs: 6’ x 6’, 8’ x 8’


Common Rug Materials

Another important consideration is the area rug material, which will affect the look, feel, durability and function of the rug. We carry a variety of quality materials, both natural and synthetic, to suit your needs and taste, including:

  • Wool Rugs

  • Polyester Rugs

  • Cotton Rugs

  • Nylon Rugs

  • Jute Rugs

  • Chenille Rugs

  • Polypropylene Rugs


Popular Area Rug Styles

Another fun and popular way to search for area rugs is by the aesthetic you are trying to achieve in your space. That's why we also organized our collections by some of the most popular styles. From mid-century to bohemian, industrial to rustic, glamorous to retro, modern to traditional, and many options in between, we are sure to have a style of rug that suits your space.

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