Queen Beds & Queen Bed Frames

Queen Beds in Every Style Imaginable

Furniture.ca offers a range of queen beds and bed frame styles to suit your preferences and interior decor themes. We have mid-century bed frame styles with ornate details and curved lines, perfect for classic bedroom designs. We also have modern styles perfect for the minimalist. For those who prefer rustic aesthetics, we have bed frames with distressed finishes and metal accents. Our collection of upholstered queen bed frames with luxurious fabrics and tufted headboards add elegance to any bedroom. Whatever your style, we have a queen bed to suit your style!

Queen Bed Dimensions

A queen bed is a popular size for couples or individuals who want extra space while sleeping. The standard dimensions for a queen bed in Canada are 60 inches wide and 80 inches long (152cm x 203cm). This makes it 6 inches wider and 5 inches longer than a full-size bed, ample room for a good night’s rest!

Queen beds are a versatile choice for bedrooms, as they can fit in most rooms without taking up too much space. It is important to note that the actual size of a queen bed may vary slightly depending on the manufacturer and design of the bed frame.

What Material is Right for You?

Furniture.ca offers queen bed frames in a variety of materials, each adding their own unique look:
  • Wood. Wood offers a classic look and can be finished in a variety of stains and colours. This is a great material for minimalist or rustic bed designs.
  • Metal. Metal bed frames are sturdy and durable, and can provide a sleek, modern look, mid-century classic appearance, or industrial look depending on the design.
  • Upholstered. Upholstered bed frames feature padding and fabric or leather coverings, providing a soft and comfortable place to lean while reading or relaxing in bed. They come in a range of styles, from classic tufted headboards to sleek, contemporary designs.
  • Faux leather. Our faux leather bed frames provide a similar look to real leather at a more affordable price point. They come in a variety of colors and styles, and are easy to clean and maintain.
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