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What is a Sectional?

A Sectional consists of multiple pieces that fit together to create a single seating unit. A sectional is a great way to offer versatile seating options in any living space, big or small. Since a sectional comes in pieces, it can often fit into a space that may not accommodate a sofa (i.e. a tight doorway or stairway). Sectionals are available in a variety of styles, sizes, materials and prices to suit any budget.

Choosing the Perfect Sectional

Our sectional sofas are available in a variety of shapes and designs.:

L-Shaped Sectionals are usually placed in a corner of the room, making this design versatile for any size space! Choose a right-facing or left-facing L-shaped sectional depending on your living room layout.

Chaise Sectionals have a chaise at one end of the sofa, available in a left or right facing option, as well as an option with a moveable chaise that can be positioned on either side.

With a centre sofa and two sofas on either side, our U-shaped sectionals offer plenty of seating. Perfect for hosting, a U-shaped sectional adds a touch of style and versatility to larger spaces.

If multi-functionality is important to you, consider a Sleeper Sectional. With a sleeper sectional, you can lounge on the cushioned seats, or convert it into a pull-out sofa bed for a comfortable night's sleep

Our modular Sectionals allows you to mix and match pieces in a variety of different ways to customize the perfect configuration for your space.

Power and reclining sectionals are perfect for ultimate relaxation. Don't battle over who gets the L - Reclining sectional sofas give you the option to lay back and relax in multiple seats on the couch.

Sectionals and Modular Sofas in a Wide Range of Materials

Wondering what material sectional is right for your home? Each material offers a different style and functionality to your space.

Leather sectionals are popular and durable, with a luxurious look. Plus, they’re easy to maintain.

Leather-look sectionals are an affordable alternative to leather sections with the same ease in maintenance and cleaning.

Fabric sectionals are a great choice. Available in a variety of colors and textures, they make for a versatile option for many interior styles.

With a variety of materials available, you’ll find the perfect sectional to suit your taste at FCA.

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