Living With Colourful Carpets: Colourful Living Ideas –

Living With Colourful Carpets: Colourful Living Ideas

Living With Colourful Carpets: Colourful Living Ideas

The Perfect Look Starts with the Perfect Rug

What's your favourite colour?  Answering that simple question could be more revealing than you think. In fact, according to colour psychology, colour preferences - often reflected in the clothes you wear, the car you drive, and the paint you choose for your living room - can make a statement about how you want others to perceive you.

No matter what your favourite colour says about you, there's no denying that the colours surrounding you can affect your mood and perceptions. Choosing a colour scheme that has a positive impact is especially important in the environments where you spend most of your time – like your home. Selecting colours that best reflect your personality starts with selecting the right rug – the foundation of your room's décor.

Warm or Cool?

Warm colours like red, yellow, orange and brown can be cozy, inviting and radiate a sense of energy, vitality, and freshness – all qualities that help inspire a positive mood. While these colours can be beautiful and spark happiness and excitement, using shades that are very dark can make a room seem smaller than it is. Warm coloured rugs that add a dash of fun without overwhelming a room can be found here, here and here.

If you prefer a room that reflects the peace and harmony of nature, choose blues, greens, and violet as the key colours in your rug's palette. These are considered cool colours and often project a feeling of calm tranquility.

Stay Neutral

Warm and cool colour groups are complemented by neutral colours like white, black, grey, and beige. These clean, crisp colours can bring a sense of balance to a room and when paired with stronger colours, can have a powerful impact on the personality of your décor.  For example, choosing white can make a room seem youthful and modern, while black can convey elegance, simplicity, or luxury. Grey can offer an aura of simplicity or professionalism, and beige is a gentle, natural tone.  

A Matter of Taste

Room size, lighting, budget, and personal taste all influence your colour and décor choices. No matter your preferences, remember: Light, neutral furniture allows accessories and wall paint to make a big statement. Think of light furniture as a blank canvas - any colour you use is going to pop.

A Rug for All Spaces

Rugs have been the central focus of living and dining rooms. While they still have a place in these traditional spaces, rugs can make a bold statement in every room.

Living Room
The rug you choose should show off your personality. Choose colours and patterns you like, but make sure it doesn't dominate the room; it should be a part of the overall design scheme. The carpet should be small enough to showcase a trimming of the floor and should stand up to traffic. For instance, a wool pile cut rug is durable and easy to clean. 

Dining Room

A dining room rug can bring colour, texture, warmth, and style to your house. Finding one that's both practical and stylish is essential, so here are a few tips for choosing the perfect rug:

Size/Shape: A dining room rug should have at least 24 inches of extra room on all sides of the dining table to allow enough space for guests to pull out chairs. Matching rug shape to the shape of the room or the shape of the table will help create a pleasing room.  For example, a rectangular room should have a rectangular rug, or a round table could have a round rug.  

Colour/Pattern: Choose a boldly patterned rug and use it as a jumping off point for designing your room.  

Material: Flatweave or short pile rugs are a practical choice for a dining room since they're easy to clean and allow you to easily pull a chair out.


Finding the perfect rug for your kitchen will give it a warm, inviting feel while protecting floors from high foot traffic. The right rug can add colour, style, and warmth and also provide noise reduction and cushioning for your feet. Make sure to choose a non-slip rug that comes in an easy-to-clean material.


A bedroom should be a quiet, relaxing retreat. Design experts suggest avoiding loud, bold rug patterns that disrupt a peaceful environment. When it comes to size, bigger is better. A large rug creates a quieter space and muffles noise. Rugs with cool or neutral colours, natural fibers, and muted patterns help create a calm bedroom oasis that inspires rest at the end of a busy day.

A carefully chosen rug can have a big effect on any room. Whether your décor needs a bold splash of colour or the barest hint of a pattern, the right rug is the right place to start.