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6 Impressive Ways to Transform Your Dining Table this Holiday Season

6 Impressive Ways to Transform Your Dining Table this Holiday Season

6 Impressive Ways to Transform Your Dining Table this Holiday Season

While the holidays are an exciting time of the year to enjoy with family and friends, it can also be quite stressful at times. Help weave some magic into a celebratory night by choosing an appropriate theme to accommodate your holiday dinner. Here are six impressive tips and tricks to get you inspired and ready to transform your dinner table for this holiday season.

Choosing the Right Table

Before setting the table for the holidays, it's important you're actually starting off on the right foot by making sure that you already have the right table for your special celebratory occasion. If you don't, now is the time to shop around for some new dining room furniture; why not take advantage of great holiday selections and prices to invest in a new dining table, perfect for feasting from now and into the new year?


In order to choose the right table, start by taking note of your measurements. The most beautiful table in the world will be completely useless if it doesn't actually fit into your home! The ideal dining table set-up will have approximately three feet of space on all sides, remember to subtract six feet from both the length and width of the area where your table will be placed.

Though rectangular tables are the most popular (and you'll find a good one quite easily), if you live in a smaller space or have a narrow dining room, take a look at oval or circular tables. They're perfect for small spaces because they allow you more room to move around freely without the risk of bumping into an edge. Circular tables are great for socializing, it allows everybody to face one another and engage more easily in conversation.


Other things to consider when purchasing a new table, especially with socializing in mind, are the base and your choice of material. Table supports typically come in three varieties (legs, pedestal or trestle) and can have an impact on how many people you'll be able to squeeze around your table. As far as materials go, tables can be made from wood; glass; granite; veneer; metal; laminate, and more. If you love hosting, consider materials that can withstand wear and tear; for instance, a good weathered wood table won't look any worse for wear with a few additional nicks!

 Create a Homey Feel with a Rustic Country Christmas Table

Phew, that was a lot! But having the right setup to begin with, is so important for creating  the perfect mood. Once you've got a good table, you can start thinking about theme. The classic rustic country Christmas table is a favourite, and in the age of Instagram and other social media platforms, most guests love nothing more than an opportunity to take pictures of their night out. Tangled fairy lights and mistletoe always make for a beautiful look (and plus, you can reuse the fairy lights after the holidays). Pinecones brushed with paint and/or glitter make for eye-catching pieces when nestled into a tree or placed around the table along with other rustic accents like a centerpiece made of a cedar garland, fresh pine and winter berries. Candles painted like birch trees also make for a cozy rustic-chic addition to a country Christmas dinner table, as do pieces like a wooden log cheese boards.


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Add Elegance by Using Metallic Accents Amongst Neutrals

If the whole rustic Christmas thing isn't really your thing, have no fear! You can keep the plaids at bay and still have a dining table worthy of a few great hashtags this holiday season. Starting with a neutral base (like a  black, white or grey) is the first step in setting up an elegant holiday table; think Scandinavian industrial. A simple white tablecloth or a black and white table runner would look great on any modern Christmas table. Incorporate natural pieces into your holiday table in a more glamorous way by getting your hands on a few snow globe-like ornaments that contain silver glitter-brushed pine cones and fake snow. Soft, twinkling mood lighting (go for a combination of candles and fairy lights) along with some metallic accents like gold or silver kitchen table sets and mercury glass candleholders will also add a little more elegance to your home without being overpowering.  

Throw it Back with a Retro Table Décor Feel



The holidays are a great time to play up the nostalgia factor. Go all out and decorate  your table with fake snow and mason jars filled with tiny festive holiday scenes, just like you might have seen behind the displays at your local department store. To do this, take a mason jar and fill it with fake snow, a mini plastic tree and a little vintage Santa Claus. Spread some holiday joy around your table with candy canes and colourful, shiny baubles placed in a glass bowl. Vintage poinsettia tablecloths, popcorn garlands and retro holiday figurines on the mantel all scream classic Christmas, so if you're going to go retro you might as well own it and transport your guests back a few decades!

Keep it Casual

There's nothing wrong with keeping things simple, so if you'd prefer a low-key holiday affair that's still worthy of a smile, you can still set a gorgeous table and maintain a casual atmosphere. A single centerpiece such as a large clear vase with a silver birch candle, or a bowl of pinecones with a bit of fresh cedar can still convey the right amount of holiday cheer. Add a simple white cotton napkin with a sprig of greenery at each place setting for a casual and inviting look.

Classic Red and Green with a Twist

Red and green make for that timeless combination of colours that we've all come to associate with Christmas. String up a red and green garland around your staircase and around your tree. Mason jars at the table filled with Epsom salt, cranberries, and fresh cedar will also bring a fresh twist to the classic red-green Christmas. Don't forget the poinsettia, plaid table runners or napkins, and lots of fresh greenery around the house with accents of red nestled between the leaves and pines. A rosemary tree makes for a startlingly, lovely centerpiece at any modern table and can be spruced up with tiny red ornaments and fairy lights.

Graceful White on White is Always a Good Idea

 Bring the crisp beauty of a white Christmas indoors for your holiday parties by going for a white on white theme this year. A white table runner with an exposed rustic wood table is the perfect way to start. Then add a few painted pine cones and baubles in silver and gold to give a bit of sparkle to your table. A mini silver tree can make for a great centerpiece, especially with a few sparkling fairy lights intertwined to add a little warm glow. Finally, by mixing and matching the right combination of candles and lights, you can really bring the white on white look to an impressive level of beauty, simplicity, and coziness. For instance, a gold pillar candle wrapped with cinnamon sticks painted in white and a bit of twine can add to this otherwise fresh, modern look.

With these awesome tips and tricks, you can create that perfect wow-factor for your holiday dinner party to impress your family and friends. There's a theme out there for everyone , so just choose what works best for you.

 We would like to wish everyone a very happy and festive holiday season!