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Shopping for Sofa Beds & Futons Online in Canada

Looking for the perfect sofa bed or futon for your home or condo? Browse through Furniture.ca’s extensive selection of sofa beds, sleeper sectionals and futons.

Why a Sofa Bed or Futon?

Living in a smaller space or condo can pose a challenge when it comes to accommodating guests. However, a futon sofa bed or a sleeper sectional couch can be an excellent solution for your space-saving needs. When shopping for a sofa bed or futon, there are a few things to consider to ensure you find the right fit.

Consider the size of your space and the amount of room you have for a futon bed or sofa bed. You want to make sure that the piece of furniture you choose will fit comfortably in your living area, while still leaving room for movement.


Futons are a great option for smaller spaces as they are compact and easy to move around. They can also be easily transformed from a sofa into a bed, making them a practical choice for accommodating guests.

Sleeper Sectionals

Another option to consider is a sleeper sectional couch. These pieces of furniture combine the comfort of a sectional couch with the functionality of a sofa bed. They are perfect for entertaining guests as they provide plenty of seating space while also being able to convert into a bed for overnight stays.

Whether you opt for a futon, sofa bed, or a sleeper sectional couch, it is important to find a piece that is both practical and comfortable. Take the time to shop Furniture.ca and compare different options.

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