How to Find the Perfect Coffee Table

How to Find the Perfect Coffee Table

Need help finding the perfect coffee table? Here are some tips to find the right table for your room.

size and shape of coffee table

Size and Shape

Square, rectangle, oval or circular? The right table shape will depend on the layout of the rest of your room as well as its overall function.

Have small children? You'll probably want to avoid tables with sharp corners.

The ideal height for a coffee table should be the same as the seating cushions on the surrounding sofa or slightly lower (so your guests aren't reaching up to cut a slice of cheese).

Space your table approximately 12-18 inches away from the surrounding seating (close enough to reach your drink, or put your feet up), and leave at least 24-30 inches between the table and other furniture in the room such as your TV stand.

Not sure if the shape and size are right for your room? Before ordering online, mark off the dimension in your room with painters tape to see the scale of your new coffee table to the rest of the furniture. Ensure you have enough space to walk around it.

Material and Features

Just like with shape, consider your room's function when deciding on which material to choose.

Glass tables are a great way to show off a feature rug underneath. These are easy to maintain and help create a light and airy space. But if your table is going to be in a high traffic area or in a room with rambunctious kids, you may want to avoid glass.

Does your dog jump up to grab a bite from the cheese and cracker tray while you entertain guests? You may want to avoid upholstered fabric tables that could get ripped by claws.

Wood tables bring warmth to a space and looks great in large rooms, while metal tables are a great way to balance a room already full wood furniture.

Have a large seating area? Try two tables instead of one!

Need extra storage? Choose a table with storage space. Need extra seating? Try an ottoman with a tray on top instead.

material and features of coffee table


You can create balance and contrast in your room by pairing opposites. For instance, pair up a large solid coloured seating with a thin framed table, or a streamlined modern sofa with a wood or chunky table.

Want a freshlook? Restyle your living room by accessorizing your coffee table. Add a colourful contemporary serving tray, a romantic candle holder, or set of rustic baskets to store away clutter.

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