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Home Theatre Design Ideas

Home Theatre Design Ideas

Source:  Balkh Left Modular Entertainment Centre & Lavo 63" Floating Wall Theatre Entertainment Centre - Maple Cream

Home theatres continue to become a more common feature in modern homes. On top of upgrading your weekly movie nights, home theatres can significantly increase the resale value of your home. When it comes to creating your ideal personal cinema space, there are few design factors worth considering to ensure an optimal viewing experience for all. This article will explore some of the best design options for your home theatre to help you truly unleash your inner cinephile. 

Flourish Accent Chair - Light Grey

Source: Flourish Velvet Accent Chair - Light Grey

Sit Back & Enjoy The Show

A comfortable place to sit is one of the most important aspects of any home theatre. From watching the big game to taking in an old classic, you'll want to ensure you've got enough seating for the whole family to comfortably enjoy the show.  

  • Sectional sofas are a perfect way to add seating and comfort to your home theatre. The  Frisa Power Reclining Sectional comfortably seats five making it easy for you and your family to make plenty of movie memories. Plus, it also has adjustable headrests and a power reclining function to cater to your comfort without compromising style.
  • The Shift Modular 5 Piece Sectional is another great option. Consisting of two armless chairs and three wedges, you will have more than enough room to enjoy the show in style and comfort.   
  • Of course, recliner chairs are always welcome additions to any home theatre as well. The sleek and stunning Aristocrat Leather Recliner fuses charm and design to help you achieve ultimate movie-viewing relaxation.

Frisa Sectional

Source: Frisa Full Grain Italian Leather Right-Facing Power Recliner Sectional

Lights, Camera, Storage

As well as being a cozy, inviting space, your home theatre will need some places to put your things. This area requires some space for your movie-watching items, from blankets to remotes to all your snacks.     

  • A trusty coffee table is a great place to start when it comes to home theatre storage. The sleek Shale Coffee Table has timeless fashion, eye-catching appeal and optimal movie snack handling.  
  • Storage ottomans provide a great way to store blankets for your cozy movie nights, while offering a little more space for your legs. The Biccard Storage Ottoman is one of our favourites.
  • For long sectional couches, side tables are a great way to add a little more space for drinks and snacks. The Fiumara Double Tray Side Table  can do just that while adding some extra flair to your home theatre.         
  • Of course, an impressive entertainment centre will be the real showstopper in any good home theatre. We can't decide which one we like better between the Mabu IV and the Aketi entertainment centres. 

Lekedi 63" TV Stand - White/3D Brown Print

Source: Lekedi 63" TV Stand - White/3D Brown Print

Personalize Your Space

Once you've got your seating and table situations figured out, you can start personalizing your home theatre with some extra stylish touches.     

  • As your movie collection grows, you might want to invest in an elegant shelf on which to store them. We recommend the  Athene Bookcase.
  • If your home theatre requires a TV stand, we've also got you covered. Combine classic and contemporary elements with the bold style of the Sanniquellie 2 Door Diamond Patterned TV Stand.
  • Finally, some great wall art will really contribute to the overall feel of your home theatre. We think this Breakfast at Tiffany's themed piece would be very fitting. 

Shale Coffee Table

Source: Shale Coffee Table

A Tough Act To Follow

A home theatre makes a great addition to the home, providing a space to spend great quality time and adding to your home's value. From the sofa you choose to the accent pieces you add, you can truly make your home theatre your own personal cinema oasis. 

Be sure to explore our extensive collection of furniture for more home theatre inspiration.