5 Important Things to Consider When Organizing Your Home in 2018

5 Important Things to Consider When Organizing Your Home in 2018

Although we can now have robots vacuum our floors, we still haven't reached a point where they can organize our entire home. So when it comes to starting your year right, it's important to devote some time to manage your space. Here are five things to help you get started.


1. Make your closet a priority

If you want to start the year right, it's important to think about your closet. Why? Because you are what you dress. Clothing impacts your self-esteem and confidence, so you want to ensure your closet is up-to-date. When it comes to cleaning your closet, you probably haven't worn most of your outfits hiding in the recesses of your closet. In fact, you've probably forgotten them entirely because they're out of plain sight. Before you splurge on new clothes this year, see what old outfits you can wear or throw out. Here are five steps to help you organize your closet:

  1. Empty out your closet and weed out the clothes you don't want. These can be donated to a variety of charity or second-hand shops.
  2. Sort your clothes according to season. Anything that's out of season can be stored away in a box until the time arrives.
  3. Once you have all the clothes you need for this season, arrange them by product. For instance, skirts and dresses can go in one pile, and t-shirts in another.
  4. Now is time for the creative part: before hanging your clothes, determine where everything will go so it's easy to find them. For instance, consider purchasing a hanging closet organizer for all your pants and t-shirts. Or add a lower rack to hang all your skirts.
  5. If you require more space, look for additional closet storage solutions or upgrade your bedroom dresser.

By cleaning your closet, you'll save plenty of time picking out your next outfits and feel good about your wardrobe overall.

2. Minimize your bathroom clutter

The bathroom is one of the dirtiest rooms in your home, and is a hot spot for bacterial growth. To avoid the spread of germs, bring out the cleaning gloves, disinfectant wipe, and a garbage bag. Before you begin decontaminating the place, throw out any unwanted toiletries.  

The sunscreen that expired two years ago? Garbage. Makeup that you haven't used since 2010? Garbage.

You get the idea. Not only do they take up space, keeping them around makes it more difficult to clean.

Similar to your closet, if it's hard to find everything, invest in some bathroom accessories—such as extra shelves, a hook rack, or clear boxes with compartments—where you can store things but also have easy access to them.

bathroom clutter

3. Sort through your kitchen cabinets

If you think your bathroom is dirty, have a look at your kitchen. The kitchen is a paradise resort for bacteria. In fact, the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) found that areas where food is stored or prepared had more bacteria and fecal contamination than other places in the home.

Because of this, it's essential to clean your kitchen sink, microwave, fridge, and countertops on a regular basis. To make cleaning easier, first declutter the countertop by putting items neatly away in the kitchen cabinets. Do you have anything in there that you don't need? Throw them out to make more room. Don't keep food items that you don't need, especially if they already expired.

Also, it's always helpful to use labels and containers to organize all your food items.

4. Organize your shoes

Shoes, shoes, shoes. Who doesn't love shoes? Although some people are indifferent, there's no question we all have them. Regardless of where you stand when it comes to footwear, it's essential to arrange your shoes so you can create a more welcoming space, especially since the first things guests usually see as they enter your front entrance are your shoes—unless you store them away. So make a great first impression by keeping your shoe rack neat and tidy. Consider storing away the shoes that are out of season to reduce clutter.

If you need more space, invest in some storage furniture such as ottomans & benches, shoe stacking bins, shoe cabinets, or shoe shelves.  

shoe rack

5. Declutter your home office

Increase productivity by creating a better work environment. Afterall, working in a cluttered and messy space is distracting and could negatively affect your work.

At this point, you probably know what you have to do: purge  everything you don't need. Once you're done, set-up your space so there's a place to catch incoming junk, such as documents, trash, and miscellaneous stuff. Use trays, boxes, labels, or hooks, so that it's easy to store things.

Your home office is a personalized space, so depending on your productivity preference, you may or may not want to keep things on your desk. Either way, it's important to keep things to a minimal to eliminate noise.

Now is the time to declutter

It's important to start the year right by organizing your space. Although at first glance it seems like a work, keeping your place tidy can drastically boost your mood, productivity, and help you save time—so it's always worth the investment. If you want more storage furniture ideas, visit here: https://www.furniture.ca/storage-solutions