Large and Small Bathroom Mirrors to Make You Stop and Reflect

Posted on September 10, 2017

While mirrors have been around for centuries, these reflective surfaces that reinforce our vanity only recently became accessible. In fact, common access to mirrors didn’t start until the middle of the 19th century. Prior to that, only the very wealthy could afford such an extravagant item due to the difficulty in production. Today, mirrors come in a dizzying array of styles and prices. They can also be purchased from almost anywhere with little fuss. Thanks to new online furniture companies like, mirrors can now be purchased at the click of a button from a home computer or smartphone. How’s that for modern convenience?

If you must have a mirror anywhere in your home, your bathroom should be it. However, given that most urbanites have to deal with incredibly small places, mirrors can create an illusion of space. Regardless of what you choose to do with your bathroom, mirrors can be the perfect tool for providing functionality and design in one. Of course, don’t hesitate to stop there. Bedroom furniture, living room furniture and even kitchen furniture can all be complemented with the addition of a mirror in the space!

When bigger is better

Big mirrors aren’t suited to every home, but if your bathroom is on the smaller side, there’s nothing like an oversized floor-to-ceiling mirror to make the space seem larger. Of course, space may be an issue so think about where a mirror of this size could hang. The back of the door? Perhaps a nook if it’s a larger bathroom? For smaller spaces, a sleek, minimalist vanity could work well. Opt for a frameless mirror, if this is the case. If you have trouble fitting a single giant mirror into your home, smaller frameless mirrors can be fitted together in a seamless manner to cover an entire wall, as you might do with tiles. It can also make the space look avante-garde!

Large, framed mirrors can also look fantastic in a small bathroom, and can go a long way in adding to your home’s overall design. The Pierced Metal Work Mirror would be amazing in any home. It can be hung horizontally, vertically, or left free-standing on the floor. Talk about versatile!

Double (or triple) it up

One technique used to break up larger bathroom spaces is to go with two or three mirrors spaced evenly over the counter space; however it may not be a look suited to smaller bathrooms. The double-mirror look is typical of bathrooms featuring two sinks. A couple Marseilles mirrors in Black Ash  are beautifully intricate in design without being overdone. They’re also the perfect addition to a boho-chic or modern-rustic homeowner’s bathroom.

Mix and match

The mix and match principle is best suited to bigger bathrooms, as it is another technique used to break up empty wall space. The best way is to do this is to have at least one large mirror to be the main focal point, typically hung over the bathroom sink. Then pick a few smaller mirrors in varying sizes to arrange them where you have lots of empty space. The Warrington Mini Mirrors come in a set of 3  and can be paired up with a larger centerpiece mirror such as the Fariview Beveled Mirror. Though the Fairview mirror is a mid-century modern piece, it wouldn’t be out of place in a boho-chic bathroom.

Hang loose

Decorating your house shouldn’t be a stressful affair, which is why it can be great to have so many options to choose from, that way you don’t feel cornered into making a design choice that doesn’t quite work for you. Though most people opt to purchase mirrors that are hung from the back, directly onto the wall, suspended mirrors can look really cool in the right space. Check out the double set of industrial-inspired oval mirrors, which are hung on a thick rope. It even comes with a couple of rustic nails to complete the look.

Get lit

For those looking for better lighting and a new mirror, consider making your own backlit mirror with some soft lighting behind to spruce up your bathroom! A good rope light can be added to bring a basic mirror to the next level to design and appeal. The clean, minimalist Clemence mirror is the perfect candidate for getting lit  if you have a modern home.

Add pizazz

Some people can pull off just about anything, and the sames goes for homes. If you’re in the mood for something unlike any other, your bathroom mirror can be as unique as your taste in obscure twelfth-century poetry. The Churchfield Starburst Mirror is eye-catching with its gold-leaf finish and would be a point of pride for any glam-loving homeowner.

Have you taken a moment to stop and reflect on what your favourite style is? Ultimately, a mirror shouldn’t just reflect your gorgeous self, but also elements of your personality through its design, appeal and aesthetic. Does it match to you and the style in mind for your home? There is something for everybody, so all you have to do is have fun browsing and something will come into view. You never know what you might find with a couple casual clicks, especially in the wild world of online furniture stores! Have fun!